Colonial Bedrooms

Colonial bedrooms

Colonial Bedrooms offer serene comfort that you don’t often find in this fast paced world.  Bedrooms should be calming and Link Design Interiors Colonial Bedrooms range at our Bolton and Wilmslow showrooms is soothing and made for coziness. We model the best old-fashioned colonial bedroom furniture for you, from canopied beds and threadbare rugs to pencil post beds and Chippendale sofas.

The ideal colonial bedroom furniture design is one that has old world furniture where each piece doesn’t necessarily match the other but in its own way complements one another. We provide a wide range of colonial bedroom furniture, available at our Bolton and Wilmslow showrooms; this includes the ever famous, pencil post beds, with woven canopies on top, antique blanket chests, ornate wooden tables, nightstands decorated with brass, wrought iron candle holders, stenciled walls instead of borders and wallpapers, field beds with arched canopies, Windsor or upholstered wing back chairs, and more!

Colonial Bedrooms Styles

One of the ways to effectively achieve the colonial look for your bedroom is to put all the antique furniture together with wider, dark wooden planks to decorate the floor, colonial style. We are able to pull off these colonial settings, taking a page out of ‘A Passage to India’ and drawing out similar designs for you to implement in your colonial bedrooms.

Our fantastic colonial bedroom furniture guarantees, the kind of peace and calm that you crave, after a hard day’s work. It will take you to a different world, away from the hustle-bustle and your daily grind.

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