Fitted kitchen, Lancashire – the power of colour in your kitchen

Fitted kitchen, Lancashire – the power of colour in your kitchen Fitted kitchen, Lancashire – the power of colour in your kitchen

When it comes to designing a new fitted kitchen, Lancashire, the power of the colour scheme should never be underestimated. Your choice of colour is such an influential tool that can genuinely shift moods when spending time in any room. This is why designers and experts will always encourage relaxing and subtle colours in the bedroom, making for a better night’s sleep. Green is also seen as a colour to ease stress, which is why you’ll often see it in break rooms in places of work.

Kitchens are rooms in which we find ourselves going in and out of a lot and using for socialising, not just cooking. This is why it is imperative to pick the right kitchen design and colour scheme for you. If you’re struggling to find inspiration for your fitted kitchen, Lancashire, we have compiled a few colour schemes to try and help here at Link Design Interiors!

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Add your own sunshine.¬†Bring¬†some brightness into your fitted kitchen, Lancashire, with a vivid yellow. This works especially well for those rooms that don’t get much natural light. It adds a lightness to your room and will create a feeling of warmth and space.

Bright and bold. If you’re really looking to make a statement, then think about designing your kitchen around colours such as orange and red. They can give your design a great intensity as well as making a statement as soon as you walk in the room.

Calming pastel. If you were thinking of something a little softer for your fitted kitchen, Lancashire, then pastel colours are the best choice. So if you’re going for a more neutral feel, add a small splash of colour with a pastel blue or purple and create a calming design.

Sleek and dark. Maybe you much prefer a darker colour for your kitchen. In this instance, there are many ways to give your fitted kitchen, Lancashire an air of sophistication. Deep navy or black can bring an elegance to any design.