Fitted kitchens, Lancashire – how to save on your new kitchen

Fitted kitchens, Lancashire – how to save on your new kitchen Fitted kitchens, Lancashire – how to save on your new kitchen

We all like to save those few pennies without having to compromise on quality. Here at Link Design Interiors, we have put together a few pointers in ways to save, spend and still retain quality effectively for fitted kitchens, Lancashire.

Less is more. As the old saying goes, less is more. The same idea can be implemented when it comes to designing your kitchen. What’s more, it helps to save you money! Little things such as the mechanisms which open your drawers can be extremely costly. Keep your storage space to an amount you’re actually going to need and use – it will look less messy and will cost you less, too!

Wall cabinets. Can your kitchen go without wall cabinets? Arguably an unnecessary expense, especially if you would never utilise them. Your space will also look more spacious and open. Not only this, choosing a kitchen without wall cabinets will significantly reduce your spend. What’s more, your kitchen will look stylish and dynamic.

Door finishes. If you’re consistently mindful of your budget, then the finish on your cupboard doors is a great way to save money. A laminate finish can give an ultra-matte finish, a sheen finish or a textured finish depending on your preference. Laminate will look just as good as polyurethane and comes at a fraction of the price.

Choose appliances wisely. Your budget will obviously be affected dramatically by the appliances you choose, the make of them and their necessity for your kitchen. At first, just buy the essentials you need to run a kitchen; a fancy spice rack and a pull out bin are only going to add cost where you’re trying to save it. The look and quality of your kitchen is not going to be compromised without them.

Fitted kitchens, Lancashire

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