Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are an efficient, space-saving choice to replace traditional doors. They look good, too. Link Design Interiors bring to you the very best innovative sliding doors designs created at our Bolton, Lancashire and Wilmslow, Cheshire factories. These doors are not only space savers, but an elegant alternative storage solution when changing the style of your room. Some of our most popular ideas for sliding doors include the glass sliding door with sectional sliders instead of the folding ones like patio doors. There’s also an elegant frosted option for your bedroom with exposed sliding tracks characterised by a single, metal line, twin doors for a wide closet and a wooden and polished option.

Wood and glass sliding doors

sliding doors with link design interiors

Our talented team of innovators creates an exquisite collection of interior sliding doors at our Bolton, Lancashire and Wilmslow, Cheshire factories. We can provide consultation & installation for sliding doors for the living room, sliding kitchen doors and bedroom sliding doors. We’re positive you’ll find the right design to suit you and your space.

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