Sliding Doors


Wood and glass sliding doors

Sliding doors are an efficient, space saving choice to replace traditional doors. Opening and closing such doors doesn’t demand a lot of space, and they look good too. Link Design Interiors bring to you the very best innovative sliding doors designs created at our Bolton and Wilmslow factories. Such doors are not only space savers but an elegant choice to adorn your bedroom and closets. Some of our excellent ideas for a sliding door include: glass sliding door with sectional sliders instead of the folding one for your living room doors that open up to your patio, an elegant frosted option for your bedroom with exposed sliding tracks characterized by a single, metal line, twin doors for a wide closet and a wooden & polished option to elaborately divide your study & bedroom.

One of the popular designs that we deliver is the one fit for a large apartment room, with adjoining kitchen. No one really likes to expose the kitchen to the living room, but sometimes you have very little choice in this regard. However, our sliding doors will help you out. Choose from a wide collection of bespoke, propelling doors that can be installed right between your living room and the kitchen; this means, you can convert it into one large room when there is a party going on and close the doors to hide your kitchen behind a translucent or opaque partition if and when you want to.

Link Design Interiors have a talented team of innovators that create an exquisite collection of interior sliding doors at our Bolton and Wilmslow factories. All you need to do is pick one that suits your needs and requirements. Our team can provide consultation & installation for sliding doors for living room, sliding kitchen doors, kitchen behind sliding doors and bedroom sliding doors. Contact Link Design Interiors today for sliding doors interior requirements and to know more on sliding door design.

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